Need to Click on 'Click Here' verification hyperlink on mailbox

Hello All,

I have registered an user in my application and the verification of that newly created user is mandatory in my application. So, The Verification Link is sent in the Mailbox for the Email which I have provided while registering the user.

Now, my problem here is, I want to know that, How to reach to the hyperlink via connecting to the mailbox and clicking that particular Verification Email from the same.

Please help me for this as I stuck in my Automation Testing part.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @upyati
I’m using the website to do mail verification.

every time you open this website it will generate a temporary mail id copy the mail id and feed it into your Application under test.
once the verification mail got triggered switch the window and click on the verification link.

i hope this will help you.

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Hi @bharathi.a ,

Okay, But can you please share your inputs on how to try this same with Mailinator or Sharklasers Junk Mailbox. Because, I have to use some standard Email id to be enter while registration of the user. I may cannot use this particular mailbox solution for maintaining the standardization of the User name as I will be going to use this same throught the application.


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I understand due to confidentiality it is not possible. But if you are going with the standard providers then you have to log in with your credentials instead of that you can use your own mailbox.

before going with the standard mail providers make sure they are simple to use like the one I shared in my thread above

  • it is simple
  • you can delete the verification mail with a single click.
  • on every refresh or launching of the URL it will generate a new mail id (it will help you to overcome your validation for eg: once you used a mail address to create an account or something next time if you use the same mail you are not allowed to create a duplicate account with same information

you can even use a Gmail inbox but the problem here is you have to delete all the mail each time or you have to use your mail search to pick the exact mail from your inbox or you have to create a new mail account for each execution.

so plan accordingly
to try this same with Mailinator or Sharklasers Junk Mailbox create a trial account with these providers and understand the behavior since it is not free it is a wise decision to have a trial before going for a subscription

even Temp Mail has a Premium for private mail. I think it is worth and I’m using the same since 2018

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please try to bypass verification if its QA environment. if its still required, try to get API authentication and resolve api calls instead of UI action

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