Need! The ability to use variables for locating elements

Firstly, wonderful tool, thanks you guys. This is why I know it must be I am missing something because I don’t seem to to be able to use variable is xpath or css locator for elements. If I have a details table and i just created a record, how would I test if the new id can’t be used a a location for the record in the new tablet. Is this feature here and I just haven’t found it?

It’s available already, here is the guide:

Isn’t possible to use Global Variable directly in test object rather than parameterize all objects in test case?
I tried ${myGlobalVariable} and ${GlobalVariable.myGlobalVariable} but it is not working

You can use it in ‘findTestObject’ statement only

findTestObject('Page_Login/txtUserName', [('{id}') : GlobalVariable.myGlobalVariable])