Need help with deprecateds in 5.4

Hi, guys! Please someone help me with deprecated getHttpBody() & setHttpBody() cuz I’ve spent almost hole day try to guess how to replace it. The old piece of code:

‘Setting up Http body parameters’

RequestObject requestLogInReg = findTestObject(‘login/POST_login_reg’)

httpBody = requestLogInReg.getHttpBody().replace(‘PhoneNumber’, GlobalVariable.myPhoneLC)


So the main thing code was doing before 5.4 - replace in JSON one string with phone number.

So the main concern that I’m unclear about your question is do these methods still work on 5.4 version?

Looks like these methods still working on 5.4, but it wold be nice to know for future - they just need be blind replaysed with proposals or some other staff need to be done in code?
Also, fore now the main problem I’ve described in my last comment in topic So, if you can help - it would be very nice!