Need help on XPATH Syntax

I wanted to get the text from the webpage with Cucumber & Groovy in Katalon Studio. Please find the below Step Definition which has the xpath and below is the html code. I wanted to read the below two lines from the page which can be referred in the html code also below. The number 596 varies each time i.e., dynamic. With the below step definition, I am receiving the error.

Can you please look into this and suggest to proceed further ?

Create Inquiry Tracking # 596
The inquiry for system tracking # 596 has been submitted successfully

Step Definition
inquiryt1 = WebUI.getText(findTestObject(By.xpath("//td[@class=‘pageTitle’][1]")))


Govt Inquiry table.mQH {display:block;} body{display:none !important;}
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    <td><img src="?appId=gmpinquiry&flName=/uitmpl/en/img/swoosh.gif" width="650" height="69" alt="" border="0" /></td>
    <td class="logo"><img src="?appId=gmpinquiry&flName=/uitmpl/en/img/attbizdirect.gif" width="291" height="63" alt="A Business Direct" border="0" /></td>
    <td><!-- stretchable cell --></td>
    <!-- max characters for company title: 72 w/ breaks (24 per line) -->
    <td class="company"> Gov Sol Dev<br/>rm0013 

  <!-- Begin Skip Top Navigation -->
  <!-- <div class="skipnav"><a href="#main" title="Skip to Main Content">Skip to Main Content</a></div> -->
  <!-- End Skip Top Navigation --></td>
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Create Inquiry Tracking # 599
Confirmation. The inquiry for system tracking # 599 has been submitted successfully.

findTestObject method expects TestObject as parameter, not By class.

Thank you, Marek. It is worked with TestObject. THANKS.