Need Help On solution from Trong

Dear Trong Bui,

Please let me know how to implement your code mentioned in thread to make Google autocomplete javascript working with katalon, this is a little significant in nature,a simple example would be sufficient , I will accustom according to my requirement mentioned here.

class JSelect { KeywordLogger log = new KeywordLogger(); private TestObject oInput;
private String label;
private WebElement elInput;
public JSelect(){}
public JSelect(TestObject o) {
log.logInfo(“Init JSelect by TestObject”);
this.oInput = o;
this.elInput = WebUiBuiltInKeywords.findWebElement(oInput);
} public JSelect(String label) {
log.logInfo(“Init JSelect by Label”);
this.label = label;
WebElement temp = driver.findElement(By.xpath(String.format(“//label[starts-with(.,‘%s’)]”, label)));
String id = temp.getAttribute(“for”) + “-field” this.elInput = driver.findElement(By.xpath(String.format(“.//input[@id=‘%s’]”, id)));
} public JSelect(WebElement el) { log.logInfo(“Init JSelect by WebElement”);
this.elInput = el; }
private void openDropDown() {
log.logInfo(“Open dropdown list”);; }
private void select(String text) {
log.logInfo("Selecting item: " + text);
if (elInput.getAttribute(“value”).equals(text)) {
elInput.sendKeys(Keys.ENTER); }
@Keyword def selectByText(TestObject o, String optionText) {
JSelect jselect = new JSelect(o);;
} @Keyword def selectByText(String labelSelect, String optionText) {

JSelect jSelect = new JSelect(labelSelect);; }
@Keyword def selectByText(WebElement el, String optionText) {
JSelect jSelect = new JSelect(el);;