Need help for free devices (Emulator)

Hi ,

 Could any one suggest, how can i integrate ADB devices with katalon studio instead of integrate with Kobition or browser stack  (Its too expensive to use for long run) or any alternate ways are there to run free emulators using katalon studio script ??

I think there is currently no *free* devices like that unless you setup your own devices farm by yourself and use it :). That’s why both Kobiton and BrowserStack offer free trial and purchase options because of high efforts in setup and maintenance

Thank you @Vinh Nguyen . I installed AVD devices in our systems and working smoothly now :slight_smile:

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Hi Jena ,

Please let me know how did you install AVD …? i think its decommisioned . share me the link please

Hi guys anyone help me out that how to start with automation of iOS mobile with this tool ?
am new to this and i see this today only

Hi All, I have to start mobile testing with Katalon. Can you pls help me to start with. Also I want to know how to install emulator/AVD, can you pls share the link and guide me.

You can use this emulator (Genymotion) its free for personal and working fine for me

Hamid Ayub said:

You can use this emulator (Genymotion) its free for personal and working fine for me

Could you explain how did you use Genymotion to run Katalon scripts?

Not able to install apk files in Genymotion using Katalon

i think you can integrate Katalon with AVD (bluestacks, Android studio, v.v…)

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Seconded, I used Android Studio for emulators. There are quite a few profiles to choose from

can you tell me how i can integrate Katalon studio with android studio?

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You can integrate Katalon studio with android studio by:
Step 1: Turn on android emulator in Android Studio
Step 2: Turn on Katalon studio and scan device
Note: Version android of emulator = version android of Sdkmanager

Hi, what is meant by this - just wondering if you could elaborate a bit more? Thanks!

Can anyone please tell me how can I connect Android emulator to Katalon
in the cmd it is appearing but when I open devices in the katalon it is not display
Please suggest what can I do


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can u tell us how to add the devices and integrate … i used only Android Studio AVD and notworking with different levels of exceptions