'NaN' value is displayed in delete execution text box after entering any character

NaN’ value is displayed in delete execution text box after entering any character. I have tried to delete NaN value but I am unable to delete it. Please find the attached screenshot.

Hello Poovaraj ,
I encountered the same situation and I reported as bug.
please follow the link below.

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Thank you !


@poovaraj, @emine Thank you for the reports. Could you please provide some information so that we can resolve the issue:

  • What environment (OS, browser) were you using?
  • What values were input (verbatim)?

Environment Details:-

OS : Windows 10
Browser : Chrome Browser - Version 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Input Details:-

‘NaN’ value is displayed in Delete Execution Text box after entering single character ‘a’ in text box

Hello ,
Implement the same steps.
If you enter a character and press the delete button in the field where the ID must be entered for deletion, you will see the constant Nan in the input field.

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Thank you all for reporting. We’ve logged a ticket to resolve this.

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Am I also having the same issue for which ticket is logged above?
Because until yesterday, I was able to enter correct entries in my text box for number values through Katalon, but today that same field is displaying NaN before the numbers(NaN1511390) and my tests are failing now.

Any inputs will save my time as I already spent a good amount of time in looking into it.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @asnayal,

You can temporarily avoid the NaN expression by just entering numeric values. Can you please share the screenshot that has NaN1511390 value?

Here is the screenshot .
Also this values not getting saved, i mean ones Katalon enters this value into the field,as soon as I clickes somewhere this value gets replaced with 0.

Hi Everyone,

This “NaN” prefix does not appears using sendKeys keyword. Don’t know why setText started adding “NaN” at the beginning of the text field. But anyway my problem is resolved now.

Thank you for all your help.


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