Modify the Python plugin for the Katalon Automation Recorder


I use the format Python 2 (WebDriver + unittest) to export the test case from the Katalon Automation Recorder (v. 3.5.6, Windows 10 - 64 bits).

I would like to modify the way the plugin formated the python code to use Django test classes.

I’ve seen the sample plugin of the documentation ( but I want to know if there is a way to get the source code of the Python plugin to avoid rewritting the plugin from the sample ?

Or any other way to modify the formating without using a script after exporting the file ?

Thank you in advance !

Thank you for using our product.

Unfortunately, the Python formatter does not follow the plugin’s structure. Could you please give us some samples with highlighted changes? We will create a new built-in formatter for you.

Thank !
I added comments next to the lines where change as been made.


Sorry for not being able to implement your request. Just for your information, we will open source this tool.

The source code has been published.