[Mobile] Toggle Airplane Mode

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When I try to use Mobile.toggleAirplaneMode(‘yes’), the bluetooth turnned off, but the mobile remains connected to internet. I means, the airplane mode not turnned on.

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I am also seeing this issue when running on a real device.
Airplane mode did not toggle, Wifi and bluetooth were still on after calling Mobile.toggleAirplaneMode(‘yes’)

Hello Jordan, did you get/receive a solution to solve this problem?

this doesn’t work on latest version of Android… is there a way to toggle the wifi only?

Hi, I seem to be able to get this to work on an Android 6.0.1 device but not Android 9. Are there any updates on this issue please?

Hi, ToggleAirplane() mode is not working on Android 7 and above versions. Are there any updates on this issue please?