Mobile.scrolltotext sometimes work and not work


mobile.scrolltoText will work and sometimes not work.
Whenever I run my test I see it on the log viewer when it runs…but when I try running again…it will not run and skip it. which will fail the test. When I look at the log I don’t see anything in the log.


I am also facing the same problem.

Mobile.scrollToText most of the time does not work…The screen does not scroll at all but the log marks it passed.

Katalon version: 6.1.2
OS: Mac


Hi @GeneralChingChicken, @757255712

Please provide more information: OS, Platform, execution logs, screenshot…

Please read this guide:


Hi, @duyluong , thanks for the concern.

In my case, I have a long side navigation overlay, so the scenario is that after I click on a button to show the side nav, I want to scroll down to find a text view and click on it.

Also, Mobile.scrollToText atually works on regular pages but fails to do its things on a long side nav overlay. Even though screen not scroll, log always says passed.


Hi @757255712,

Could you show your script and the execution logs in Log Viewer and Console?



After reviewing the scrollToText doc


Scroll to an element which contains the given text.

I actually found the reason that caused the issue :sweat_smile: It is because that I was trying to scroll to the exact text ‘account’, but in the current page, it already had a text(user account) that contained ‘account’:face_with_raised_eyebrow:, so it appeared to not scroll at all, but for the scrollToText function, it actually did its job, so katalon marked it as passed…:sweat:

So now the question is: how do I scroll to an exact text?:thinking:


For anyone else having the same problem. When working on a website with automatic scrolling I had to add a delay to wait for the Javascrip scrolling to finish before using the ScrollToElement-Keyword also the smae problem goes for clicking on an element by the way.