MOBILE EMULATION :: Browser not interacted but test steps are passed in mobile emulation

I used to use the mobile emulation mode of Chrome to record test cases and execute them against a custom Chrome, in mobileEmulation mode. But now, all my tests are failing because some steps are formaly passed, but the browser reveived no interaction at all. So the next step cannot be completed. Though, this behavior is not systematically reproductible. Sometimes, the problematic steps are going well… I still not have discovered the bug conditions.

Any clue, KMS guys?

I too am having mobile issues. One of my LONG mobile tests which was taking about 3 mins. to run, is now taking 6+ mins. to run. (It takes 1 min. 43 sec. on web). I’m using Appium 1.8.1 which has been the only version I’ve been able to run w/Katalon on Android.