Method call to verify links reports good links as inaccessible

For the record, no using any proxy here.

Interesting observation from today, when I run the script from within Katalon studio it’s checking about 20 pages and almost every page reports about 30-70 link failures.

When I run the script from a scheduled task, so it’s running using the Studio Engine and “katalonc.exe”, the generated report says everything passed. Same script checking the same pages reports no errors.
Looking at the report, it looks like it’s maybe only checking unique links?

This is the craziest bug I’ve seen in a while.

Moving to bug reports and calling out @devalex88 @duyluong @Jass


Hi, when you use the keyword, I believe HAR files will be downloaded for the links. Please send these files to check the status of the requests/responses.

Please send us some HAR files of corresponding false alarms. (1.5 MB)

HAR requests attached. These are from the execution within Katalon studio that produce the false alarms.

Hi all, any updates on this case?