Looping test cases

I am automating the download and upload of files from web pages. After entering the web page, I want to fix the search page, put only the content in the search bar, and make them repeat downloading the file (a,b).

Then, I also want to repeatedly press the button after uploading two (c,d) files.

A fixed page is displayed through order 1 to 8, followed by downloading the file (9 to 18), followed by uploading the file (Second Picture 1 to 15) 순After fixing the pages in order 1 to 8.

Please let me know if you know anything about TEST SUITE’s repetitive work.

Have a look at

Do you mean that creating a new TEST CASE and Looping from “ADD → CALL TEST CASE” ?

How about “Dynamic Suite case”?

I don’t know that terminology at all. What is it?

Oh… I was mistaken with the TEST SUITE COLLECTION, Not “Dynamic Suite case”.

@kazurayam some say that “SUITE COLLECTION” is needed to perform the Looping test Suite, but what is more appropriate to perform the algorithm I wrote down above?

Wrong. You do not need Test Suite and Test Suite Collection at all. All you need is to know how to use “WebUI.callTestCase()”.

Please tell us the names of your existing 2 Test Cases. I need the names to describe what you can do. Without the names, I can not describe anything.

These are the two TEST CASE I made.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the download part, but I wonder if I should use SWITCH whenever I acquire a new URL after uploading.

Let me ask you a question before going into detail.

Which method of editing a Test Case do you prefer? — the Manual mode, or the Script mode?

If you do not like the Script mode, then “WebUI.callTestCase()” might not be a good option for you.

Both manual mode and script mode are available. Usually, the contents of the manual mode are checked after modifying it to script mode.

This sentence is difficult to understand.

I could see

  1. you start the test navigatinging to a url “https://kusa…” somthing.
  2. you do downloading somthing and uploading something
  3. when you do “Click input_SS_button”, then it seems a new browser window (or tab) is opened
  4. so you want to switch to the new window
  5. you want to repeat the step 2-4 more and more
  6. you want to stop the loop when …?

Is it what you want?

It seems that you only know the starting URL and you have to find out the 2nd and following URLs to visit dynamically. Is it right?

If my understanding is right, then the web app you are targeting is unusual one.

In most cases, Katalon testers have a list of URLs to visit, and they ask how to iterate the list while visiting the URLs. Then is is a simple programming question. I thought you also asked how to write a looping script in Katalon Test Case. But now I have realized I was wrong.

You seem to have a difficult requirement, not really a simple programming question.

Yes. Exactly.
Enter variable a,b in the search box and download as many files as the number of rows.
Then, the file is uploaded through c,d, and a new URL is issued by putting “a” in the same column as c,d in the search bar and pressing the search button. Put the new URL in global varaiable and put it in csv.
After that, close the new URL and go back to https://kusa…(First URL). I will run the same task on the page starting with.

Here is my Variables from my Test data file.

Sorry, your problem is too complicated for me to support remotely. I would quit.

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All I want is the automation work of web. This process should be required 2 Search + 2 Download, Then 2 upload downloaded files, finally Press botton “Send” on the web page. As a result of this process, New URL will be sent.

Sorry for complicated requirement.