Loop/play multiple times in the brower extension

I will rewrite the case but with clear, out of addon, information not to confuse anyone :slight_smile:

Hi everyone - I am a total noob and Katalon and trying to find my way through.
I am only using the Chrome/Firefox addon of Katalon - although if needed can try to work in studio.
what I am trying to do is a simple script that will do a specific sequence of clicks on a webpage then choose the last record from the last page and hit save.
I managed to get it to choose the last record on a page. However the page number is static in the setup. But the biggest issue is that I would like it to play in a loop.
Every page has max 10 records.

This is the script:
open | BDO : Logowanie |
pause | | 1000
click | link=Nowy wpis |
pause | | 1000
click | //div[@id=‘_HeaderCard’]/div/div/div/div[2]/div/label |
pause | | 1000
click | id=kpoCardNumber |
pause | | 1000
click | link=12 |
pause | | 1000
click | //tr[last()]/td[3] |
pause | | 1000
click | link=Zapisz |

  • click | link=12 | - this part is the page number… not sure how to make it look for the last one, but can live with that.

I’m also attacking how the web view looks, if it helps…

But have no idea how to loop it…any help would be really much much appreciated :slight_smile:


You already posted this question in another thread. Please read the response from @bionel.