Loading a local image file causes my script to hang

I used the record feature to record my input for a website called www.letgo.com
Everything seemed fine when I first interacted with the Katalon Studio software.
When I ran the script that Katalon created, it just hung when trying to select an image file from my PC. When I look at the code that was generated for that step,
all I see is item=click, object=div_Drag and drop or browse Upl, input is empty.

I am new to Katalon and I was hoping not to have to figure out how to do any programming.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry to dash your hopes, but whichever method you use to write tests, you are programming.

That leads me to suggest you read the following to help us help you:

Why do you think that whatever direction I go in, I am going to have to do programming? Mostly everything that Katalon has done looks great without any programming. The only problem it seemed to have was transferring an image file from the pc to the web page.

Your automation user, provided by Katalon (and WebDriver), is akin to a robot. Your robot does nothing until you instruct him to do something. You instruct him by giving him a “program” to follow.

Whether you produce that program by clicking choices in a drop down listbox or by typing them by hand, you are programming.

But instead of us debating the semantics, why not follow the advice below and we’ll see if we can help you:

Hi Russ.

I just put together a document and 5 screen prints to explain what is happening with Katalon. When I hit reply, the forum will not let me send the screen prints because I’m a new user. when I try to send the document and 2 links, I still get that error message. Do you have any ideas how I can get it to you.



I can just paste (Ctrl-V) an image directly in this window :


For anything else, this button should work…


Try again?

@devalex88 – are there any posting restrictions for new users? (wouldn’t seem very helpful, if so).


I pasted all 5 screens into the document. The Katalon Community site converted the image to an upload link. When sending the document I got the same error as before.
My upload button doesn’t even work. I keep hitting it and I get nothing. Any other ideas?

Let’s wait for @devalex88 to take a look.

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Please try to upload again.

screen 1

screen 2

screen 3

screen 4

screen 5

I am using Katalon to automate the input of creating ads to sell my furniture on a website called www.letgo.com.

I did not show pictures of the login screen, even though Katalon generated login code for my example on screen 1.
After hitting record, Katalon brings up the main screen for www.letgo.com. From my screen print 2 you can see the first screen. I click on the Sell Your Stuff button. Katalon nicely generates the code and brings up screen 3. As you can see from screen 3, www.letgo.com is asking for a file image of something I am selling.
I click inside the Drag or Drop or Browse box. That brings up windows explorer. I navigate to the image file on my pc and the image gets sent to
the letgo screen. You can see the image in screen print 4. It is a dinosaur bookcase. If you look back at screen print 1, the code at line 12 that Katalon generated does not tell the web site to load up the image with a file name. The code is just indicating the drag and drop or browse box that seems to be what I clicked to get the local file. As you can see on screen 4 an actual image did go to the screen, but no code was generated. Screen 5 just shows you some of the other fields on the window. When I was in record mode everything seemed like it was working fine. when I tried running the script it just hung at line 12. I’m using a windows 10 laptop. Is that enough information? If not, I can capture more. Thanks