Load default value after @BeforeTestCase listener

Hi guys,
I noticed that when every-time we execute a test case, Katalon will load all the default value first before run the listener @BeforeTestCase.
I have a case that i might need to run @BeforeTestCase listener first before load the default value, bcos my public variable is tied to a globalvariable and i will update it in @BeforeTestCase listener once and then only can execute. Anyone can assists me on this situation?

You can modify the GlobalVariable(s) in the listener. Does that answer your question?

@Russ_Thomas i have modified the GlobalVariable in the listener, but problem is from the photo you see my variable “inputURL” supposed is tied to my globalvariable. However, the global variable i have modified in listener does not reflected into my test case, unless i coded it into my script, not declare it in the public variable.
is there any where to update back the value that my public variable that has tied to GlobalVariable?

I set up a GlobalVariable in my profile:


In my listener I changed TEST_THING it to “Alan”.

In my Test Case I printed TEST_THING to the console: