Let me edit Disussion Title

Today I made a new post titled:

“Katalon project created a folder with name of NON-ASCII characters raised NullPointerException”

After a few hours I posted it, I realized the title is not very good; verbose, keywords should come first.

So I wanted to change it to:

“NullPointerException due to NON-ASCII characters in parent dir name of a Katalon Project”

But I could not edit the post any longer after a few hours.

I wonder why this forum is designed to rejects editing the post after a few hours after initial post. I think it is better to allow the originator to edit the title more freely.

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Hi @4280-kazurayam,

I have changed your post title to your preferred title. I also noted down your suggestion for the team to consider.

Thank you for your contribution to the Katalon Community,

OK. let me close this post as well. :slight_smile:

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