[KShare] iOS Error Codes - Definitions & Solutions

Error code #12

(1) Failed to register bundle identifier


(2) No profiles for 'com.facebook.IntegrationApp' were found


  1. Identifier com.facebook.IntegrationApp cannot be registered to your development team

  2. Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching com.facebook.IntegrationApp.

Root cause

  1. The Identifier com.facebook.IntegrationApp is not available. because your team is probably not Facebook, you can’t sign an app with a bundle identifier of com.facebook. Change your bundle identifier to a unique string.

  2. The iOS App Development provisioning profiles is not correct. It must be an Apple Developer account instead of personal account.


  • First make sure to select the correct Apple Developer Account. If you don’t have an Apple Developer signing certificate, you’ll have to sign up for one at developer.apple.com or ask someone in your company to set you up with one.

  • Change com.facebook.Integration to something with your company’s ID, like com.mycompany.Integration.

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