[KShare] How to connect to BigQuery from Katalon Studio?

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We believe you might be sticking to Data-Driven testing with a database. Especially, this article will guide you on how to connect to BigQuery - a service offered by Google Cloud Platform that functions as a data warehouse that Katalon have not had any official documents to drive you into this connection.

To establish the connection between Katalon Studio and your Big Query database, please do as follows:

Step 1: Importing all the Google BigQuery JDBC classes, but we will also need to exclude a conflicting class built in to Katalon Studio:

Step 2: Configure your database, click “Secure User and Password” because we will set those values below the properties section.

Step 3: For JDBC driver, please user: com.simba.googlebigquery.jdbc42.Driver

Step 4: For the connection URL, please use: jdbc:bigquery://https://www.googleapis.com/bigquery/v2:443

Step 5: Set the following connection properties as shown below:

  • ProjectId : means your project ID on BigQuery
  • OAuthType : should be 0
  • OAuthServiceAcctEmail : means the client email.
  • OAuthPvtKeyPath : means the path of your json file which contains all of your credential access to Big Query
  • EnableSession : should be 1

Step 6: Click Test Connection to verify whether your database is connected successfully.

Step 7: Click Apply and Close to save your setting and start working on your data-driven testing.

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Thank you the Product Support team (@support.squad) and Chris Trinh (@quan.trinh) for yet another insightful article on WebUI testing.

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