KRE recent packages embed 3.5-year-old GeckoDriver


We have recently upgraded from KRE 8.1.0 to KRE 8.2.5.

On our KRE 8.1.0, we had been careful of running the latest GeckoDriver for Firefox (0.30, released in September 2021):

C:\Katalon_Studio_Engine_Windows_64-8.1.0\configuration\resources\drivers\firefox_win64>geckodriver.exe -V
geckodriver 0.30.0 (d372710b98a6 2021-09-16 10:29 +0300)

On the brand new KRE 8.2.5 deployment, we see:

C:\Katalon_Studio_Engine_Windows_64-8.2.5\configuration\resources\drivers\firefox_win64>geckodriver.exe -V
geckodriver 0.23.0 ( 2018-10-04)

This 0.23 version is 3.5 years old!!!

For ChromeDriver too, the 8.2.5 package does not come with the latest ChromeDriver, yet this is easier to understand/accept/manager, as new ChromeDriver versions are released pretty frequently.

Please advise.



I remember something similar happening with KS around the same time frame.

Moving this to bugs.


Katalon Studio downloads the latest geckodriver (v0.30), but Runtime Engine comes with an older version. (v0.23) I believe. I found an old ticket mentioning why Studio used to use this older version, but it no longer does. So can we get an update to RE please?

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Can someone acknowledge this please?

@duyluong @devalex88 @ThanhTo @Jass @sara.leslie

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Hi everyone

Thank you very much for reporting this issue. We will look into it and plan for a fix soon. For now, please use the option -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true for every run in KRE or manually update your project by using Tools > Update WebDrivers > Firefox.

Happy Testing



Hi everyone,

The issue has been resolved in Katalon Studio 8.3.0.
Please see the Release note for more details.

Thank you all for your attention,
Nam Nguyen.

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