${KEY_ENTER} not working

Hi @1968693027

What are you trying to do with your script? Can you provide more information? The log doesn’t indicate that the step fails at all.

I’m experiencing this exact same thing. I have a dropdown with a search function at the top. If I record then click the dropdown, enter a value and hit enter it works, but when I play the test, enter doesn’t register and the value isn’t submitted. Instead whatever the default starting value was is kept. My log reads this:
[info] Executing: | sendKeys | xpath=(//input[@type=‘text’])[2] | ${KEY_ENTER} |
[info] Expand variable ‘${KEY_ENTER}’ into ‘’

It works in Firefox.

I’m doing a login test. I entered the account number and password and clicked the Enter key to complete the login, but it was actually unsuccessful. The Google browser I used


Hi there, thank you for your report. We’re currently fixing this issue on Chrome. In the meantime, please try running on Firefox.

@1968693027 @literalpen

Hi guys, we’ve rolled out a new version 5.4.1 that fixes this issue. Can you guys please verify if it works on your side?