Katalonsupport.force.com is down for maintenance

Big changes this week with the new licensing, introduction of Katalon Cloud and other things. As a daily user of just Katalon IDE and Framework, we rely on access to support to keep things running smoothly. Did support also migrate platforms? What information is available about the current maintenance window?

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For anyone else experiencing this, I attempted the OAuth login again, and although my address bar contains parameters indicating an OAuth error, it appears I am able to access the new support portal: e.g. https://katalonsupport.force.com/katalonhelpcenter/s/?ErrorDescription=Access%20token%20was%20not%20returned&ProviderId=xxxxxxx&ErrorCode=No_Oauth_Token&t=xxxxxx

Hi @clif.molina, thank you for sharing this with us. Our SFDC engineer has checked and the support portal is working fine now.

Please access via this link https://katalonsupport.force.com/katalonhelpcenter/s/.

We are also investigating the possible downtime related to your first screenshot. Please be assured that if there is any maintenance happening, our team will inform all clients thoroughly to avoid inconvenience for your usage. In addition, we are checking the url with “error” you provided. We need to check your login history and thanks to you we will double check for others too.

Hope we clarify your concerns.