Katalon Test Ops Integration Project Cannot be Viewed

Im facing an issue as well as My Team. Please see these steps below:

  • With an Open Project Click Project from top banner
  • Click Settings
  • Go to Katalon Test Ops
  • Go To Project Or project drop down -
    **Problem Area is here. When you pull a list of project that you have in Katalon Test Ops You cannot see the entire project listing. Even if we try to add a new project it will create a new project but default to another project name that is already in the list. If we as users could have a slider or scroll option to see all project I could assign those. We even tried to expand the page in all just to see if that would allow us to see the projects names as a full list but we still cannot. Even if we click Fetch Projects…

Is there another way to get the Project in Katalon Studio to be link to the correct project in Katalon Test Ops or is there a fix coming for this. Maybe a simple scroll down to see all projects instead??

Hello @QATeam.

Make sure your project is on your team. In the scroll down only show projects in your team that you choose.

Please check that the project you want in your selected team.



Thanks we have been doing that and we do see the list under the precise project name. We just could not see the one that we created as new under that project name. We will try again to see if we can get this to assign correctly though further tries. Thanks much!