Katalon Studio via remote desktop – installation “for all users”

As we all know, when we download Katalon Studio, it's zipped folder, we just unpack it, run katalon.exe, register the product and voila!

The problem begins when KS isn't installed on the local machine, but on the machine we connect with using RDP. In that case EVERY user that connects to this machine has to register already "installed" KS in order to work with.

Without registering:

  • katalon studio won\'t work,
  • what is worse, test suites run from jenkins won\'t be work neither (\"product not registered\" info in jenkins console)
What can we do in this situation? Is there any way Katalon Studio can be registered for ALL users one the machine we connect with? Maybe some registry tricks would help?
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Yes, offline registration is the only option for me (blocked many ports by company). Today I’ve made another test. Created new user on remote machine. Then this user tried to run katalon.exe --> of course prompt to register the product.

I’ve checked his application.properties file (in “c:\users\thisnewuser\.katalon”). Properties file was like this -->

#Mon Jul 10 08:26:00 CEST 2017

When I manually add entries to this file -->

proxy.option=No Proxy

…entries are from my file (xxx is password you’ve sent me to activate offline), then everything works fine for this new user (no need to register the product). I know it’s workaround, but it works.

For me it’s not a problem to do so (my team is only 10 people), but I can’t imagine to do that for 100 people for example:)

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