Katalon Studio Test cases fails when executing Javascript

On execution WebUI.executeJavaScript('document.body.style.zoom = "60%"', null). Before execution of all the test.
This is automatically fails all subsequent tests.

Hello @rpatil, welcome to the community.

You need to be very careful using the browser’s zoom feature. There is nothing available in the WebUI framework to allow for zoom compensation. For example, you may be throwing off any pixel-based coordinates used in your tests. But without seeing your codebase, I can’t be sure.

And just to be clear, KS does not fail when injecting JavaScript into the AUT page. I use JS all day, every day.

with the above-mentioned, perhaps the OP may like to rephrase the topic title in ‘Katalon Studio tests fails due to inappropiate JS usage’

Thank you. corrected

Whenever I tried to add WebUI.executeJavaScript('document.body.style.zoom = "60%"', null). Step all subsequent test fails to find object. If I removed the same test works perfectly fine

Can I see your test case code?