Katalon studio IFrame in IFrame

I have a problem witch I’m trying to resolve for three days…
The situation is like this.
I need to test Sidebar of Gmail extension which contains buttons and fields that way div(extension) → Iframe → iframe → Button

so here is a question on how to handle this sort of situation?

so I have tried to use
WebUI.switchToFrame(findTestObject(’/Frame_container-newui’), 30)


WebUI.switchToFrame(findTestObject(’/Frame_container_inside’), 30)

// Click on the button, Click offset, Send keys methods but all of them don’t work as needed, the test shows PASSED and no errors, but the button wasn’t clicked.

Here is also the same situation for the starting span (continue-to-app)
It just doesn’t click on this ‘span’ or on ‘a’ but test shows PASSED