Katalon Studio cannot find Firefox binary

**OS: **Windows 10


Katalon Studio Version 5.3.1

Katalon Studio logs:


Environment (for Web testing)

Firefox 59.0.2

Steps to reproduce -

  1. Create new test case

  2. Click Record Web

  3. Select Firefox from drop-down menu in Web Recorder screen

Expected Behavior -

Opens Firefox browser and begins recording.

Actual Behavior -

Displays error message claiming binary file cannot be located.

After reading other people with the same issue, I reinstalled firefox so it was located in the default location (previously installed in “Users/AppData/Roaming” etc.

The error still persists.

I have used Katalon’s search for browser function, but it still claims not to be able to locate the folder.

katalon error.JPG

katalon error 2.JPG