Katalon report cannot be opened in Firefox


When I try to open a Katalon HTML report directly in the browser, I encounter the following error page:

Failed to open Katalon report

Ensure that:

  • You have JavaScript enabled in your browser.
  • You are using a modern browser. Firefox 3.5, IE 8, or equivalent is required, newer browsers are recommended.

Instead, I need to view the source, save the HTML file locally, and then open it. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I am on the latest version of Firefox (59.0.2) on a MacBook Pro.


Up. Iā€™m facing the same problem using the latest version of Google Chrome.

@here the solution for the error is here -> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35783964/jenkins-html-publisher-plugin-no-css-is-displayed-when-report-is-viewed-in-j

Hope it can help you too.

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