Katalon report bug_

In jenkins, call catalon test suite to execute. After execution, we got katalon report and find a strange problem in report.
We use “verifyElementAttributeValue” keyword check element attribute value. Although element is not present, but result report for this is passed. If we don’t check carefully.This report will make us misunderstanding and think result is OK.

Possibly FailureHandling is Optional or ContinueOnFailure.

Change FailueHandling to StopOnFailure.

refer :


Hello Rudra,
Firstly whatever optional, contiune on failure, stop on failure.
test step(“Verify Element Attribute Value” ) status are both warning when error happen.
This is wrong and not consistent with katalon help doc. And test case is set as passed, this is also wrong behavior.


I hope when test step “Verify Element Attribute Value” report error, this step status should be set as failure not warning with contiune on failure of stop on failure, and test case status should be set as “failure” status.

Dear, It says Unable to find object. if you want to validation if Object Present on UI or not then please use
VerifyElementPresent method then check of attribute