Katalon Recorder - Dynamically input today's date?

Have a Katalon Recorder case I am working on where it creates a “job” for me, saves that job, and then I need to test the date search by inputting whatever today’s date is in the From Date field and the To Date field. Is there a way for KR to automatically input whatever the date is when you run the suite?

Attached is a picture of the modal that pops up when doing a search. Need to have the test insert today’s date in the From Date and To Date fields any time the test is run in the future. Is there a Value for that in KR?

And here is some of the KR code - it’s the search modal -

Someone has told me there might be something where I can store in a field/variable with new Date()?

Finally found an answer by searching for “selenium ide” rather than searching for “katalon recorder.” Posting the answer here in case anyone else needs it. You grab today’s date and put it into a variable which you then call -