Katalon Recorder > Cant Select a dynamic vale

Refer Screenshot

I want to select the first value or literally any value on that field “Assay Test”

Now Assay test field is not a dropdown with values neither a field with values or labels in background

it is just a box but when user start typing in there - its starts to display relevant options

i am trying is- type the actual value so it appears then moving my mouse down so i could then select it

how do i do it anyu thoughts please ?

@Mark_Gibson any thoughts on this one please thanks

My answer here might help

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Thanks for replying, i got the solution

Heres how i did it

as the xpath value is dynamic so same xpath didnt worked when i was picking up given content

insteas of giving fixed value I gave Letter A only - so it would pick atleast one value

as of now this will work for me - but would be good to know how to take care of dynamic changing xpath


If you are not concerned with which item is clicked, you could try using an index

open | https://jqueryui.com/autocomplete/ | |
selectFrame | index=0 | |
click | id=tags | |
type | id=tags | py |
waitForElementPresent | //li[1] | |
mouseOver | //li[1] | |
click | //li[1] | |
assertValue | id=tags | Python |

Note that XPath nodes are 1-based.

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