Katalon Record and play issues

Hi Experts
I just started using the Katalon, found very interesting but the automation seem to record but the following are missed out and when I playback after repeated recording, I still see Katalon failing

  1. Katalon recorder does not seem to Move up/Down the screen where I am recording to click on particular buttons

  2. It especially is failing in selecting calendar dates

  3. I am not able to insert a step and add a record of the steps

  4. Please I kindly request you to help me with Data Driven automation using Katalon recording.

Note: I am running Katalon on Windows 64 bit machine and it is a free version from firefox.

Any help to point me to answered links or help me sort out above issues will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hi @newbie

  1. It’s hard to tell, please provide with screenshots and more detailed explanations of the desired behaviors and expected behaviors.
  2. I think this is true for most Recorder tools, automating calendar and date pickers is a relatively difficult task.
  1. You can click on Add Keyword within Katalon Studio’s Web Recorder to add a test steps even in the middle of the recording. Please try to see if it works
  1. You first need to parameterize your test cases (that is using variables instead of hard-coding values), and then add them to a test suite where data-driven is supported, then you need to create a Test Data and bind the Test Data into the test cases in test suite. Please refer too our documentation page for more detailed explanations.