Katalon pricing changes query

Hi team
I received a mail that indicates that licensing costs are going to change rather dramatically in the near future eg monthly costs for a tester’s licence for KSE will go up by more than $100.
Although there seems to be a better deal available for existing users, it is still the case that long-term, costs are effectively doubling.
As a user, I am also aware that this is a competitive field and that other players tend to offer perpetual licenses to attract long-term loyalty. Is this something that Katalon may consider?
Regards, Dan

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Hi Dan, thank you for your comment. We’ve noted down and will inform this to the related department. Our team will revert the response to you shortly after this.

I would like to know this as well.
The costs are going to double! for both KSE and the KRE.

I am going to have an extreme hard time defending this price change to the management over a timespan of barely 2 years. Wich means I now have to most likely have to make plans to start migrating off your platform.

Yes - same. The doubling of the prices within 2years of already hiking prices has made this an untenable product. The ‘upsell’ proposed is that it will allow us to use features that we specifically don’t use. We have two node locked licences (KSE & KRE) on two PCs and it’s used by one person. Yet the price is doubling with no benefit to us. Surely the extra features should be paid for by those who need them.

Hi Community members,

Thank you for supporting Katalon. We recently underwent a licensing model adjustment with the goal to provide additional functionalities and capabilities to our products. With the new license model, users will have better visibility of activities, status, and progress across the entire development lifecycle, as well as a simpler integration to our user management mechanism.

We continue providing different tiers to meet the needs of users across a spectrum of team size, complexity of tasks, and budget capacity:
* Katalon Automation Kick-Starter Tier
* Katalon Business Tier
* Katalon Enterprise Tier

Should you have questions regarding your paid subscription, kindly contact success@katalon.com; for new subscription, kindly contact business@katalon.com.

Happy testing,
The Katalon Community Team.

Hi - can I ask here, for benefit of other readers, what does this phrase mean “KSE will be moving to a new per-user licensing model, and we will stop issuing new node-locked and floating licenses.”
In practical terms, what is the difference between node-locked and per-user? The most urgent question being - if a tester leaves, what happens to their licence? Can it be reassigned?
Regards, Dan

Hi Dan,

Please check this link for licenses information that we offer.

Hope this answers your questions.

Vu Tran