Katalon load test

why does not use katalon for load testing? I need some concrete reasons for that.

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I assume that you want to send a lot of HTTP requests symultaneously to your web server to verify how your server performs. That is called Load testing.

In Java world, I believe, the de facto tool of “load test” is JMeter. Have a quick look at the following article. It discusses making load of 50, 500, 1000 symultaneous HTTP sessions.

On the other hand, Katalon, how many parallel HTTP sessions can it make? ---- I think it can make only 1 HTTP session at a time basically.

Why so small number? — because Katalon is a tool that is designed to automate operations on a Web browser. It is not designed to create a lot of HTTP sessions at a time. It is not designed to be useful for load testing.

JMeter does not bother driving web browsers. So it can run flyweighted.

You should choose the right tool for your purpose.

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Hi @ceciliacheng1997,

Welcome to our community. With Load Testing, I agree with @kazurayam, if you want to perform Load Testing, you can try some tools like: Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, k6. An interesting article here