Katalon keeps on forgetting Objects

My Katalon test cases aim to test a web platform that has new releases every month, the problem is that on every release Katalon isn’t recognizing already saved Test Objects (like Buttons or any element…), so I have to save each of these Objects again each time, which is really time consuming.
Is there a solution for this?
Is there a way to save Test Objects so if the Platform’s code I am testing changed a bit my test cases won’t fail?

yes, you can give the test objects better xpath
the generated selectors are a tool to help you on your way for writing better selectors.
if the target webpage changes in any way, it’s likely some of the objects will break unless you account for the changes
i suggest using references that don’t change between tests to make your test more resistant to changes on the target webpage, for example ‘select the button with class confirm which can be found under the div with id confirmationmodal’
here’s a page to help you on your way to understand how xpath works

So do you recommend writing my own x-path for elements?

for elements on pages that tend to change often, definitely, even on pages that don’t change often it’s still better to write your own xpath
above all, automated tests should be reliable, if you can’t be certain the element the scenario tests is the element you want to test, then you risk having false negatives, as is your case, but you also risk false positives