Katalon is not working at all

Hey, is it me or the katalon is not working at all. Unable to do anything. Please confirm

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Hi there Sidra,

Welcome to Katalon Community! :wave:

We are sorry to hear that you are encountering issues with the Katalon Platform.

Could you help us to provide more information to which module(s) of the Katalon Platform that is/are acting up? i.e. Studio, TestOps, etc.

It would also helps if you could include more information such as your system, Katalon version, a screenshot or video, etc.

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Hi there @s.qureshi,

As we have not received any response from you. We presume that the issue has been resolved and will proceed to close this topic.

Should you still encounter any problem when using Katalon Studio or one of our other products such as TestOps, feel free to create a topic in their respective categories i.e Katalon Studio or Katalon TestOps

Thanks :+1:

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