Katalon integration with Zephyr for JIRA


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I am trying to find the documentation relevant for Katalon integration with Zephyr for JIRA. However, I can only see documentation for JIRA. Please advise.

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Is there any solution for this ?



Zephyr is also having similar installation steps as JIRA


abhishek kumar said:


Zephyr is also having similar installation steps as JIRA

How to update Zephyr test case status in JIRa using katalon execution?


Please Has there been any information about how to do the above request of integrating katalon to update the Zephry test cases that are in Jira?


I am interested with this. Maybe should be looked into in the next release?


Can someone from Katalon team reply to this thread please?


@Vinh Nguyen,

Are there any plans to provide integration between Katalon Studio and Zephyr for JIRA, similar to the “qTest Integration”?


Create Zephyr test execution: Using ZAPI (Zephyr API Plug-in), this is possible. ZAPI is not the best API out there as the response values generated are very limited (i.e. Project Key is mostly not generated; Project ID instead - How to get Project ID in JIRA)
Creation of Zephyr test execution:

  1. Create an Web service request under Object repository (let’s call it ZAPI-Create Execution):


  1. Set your JIRA URL under Profiles:

GlobalVariable.URL with sample value: https://test123.atlassian.net

  1. Create a hook under Test Listener (ideally @BeforeTestCase):

def create_test_execution = WS.sendRequest(findTestObject(‘JIRA/ZAPI-Create Execution’, [(‘projectId’) : ‘1500’, (‘cycleId’) : ‘-1’, (‘issueId’) : ‘30’, (‘assigneeType’) : ‘asignee’, (‘asignee’) : ‘sysadmin’, (‘url’) : GlobalVariable.URL]))
def jsonSlurper = new JsonSlurper()
def json_create_test_execution = jsonSlurper.parseText(create_test_execution.getResponseText())
def (rootKey, testExecutionId) = json_create_test_execution.findResult { k, v -> [k, v.id] }
log.logInfo('Test execution ID ’ + testExecutionId + ‘created.’)

Note: You may replace the values above with your actual JIRA Project ID (1500) and Issue Type ID (30) (Zephyr Test ID or JIRA User Story); Cycle ID “-1” is the ad-hoc Test Cycle. You may also replace this. Refer to the JIRA link mentioned above to get the Project and Issue ID.


Updating of test execution status using ZAPI (Zephyr API plug-in in JIRA):

  1. Create a ewb service request under Object repository (let’s call it ZAPI- Update Execution Details) using ZAPI API:
  2. Include the code below inside @AfterTestCase under the Test Listeners:

String statusID = ‘’
statusID = ‘1’ //1 is the code for PASSED in Zephy
}else{ //default to Failed
statusID = ‘2’ //2 is the code for FAILED in Zephyr
def update_test_execution_status = WS.sendRequest(findTestObject(‘ZAPI-Update Execution Details’, [(‘exId’) : ‘15’, (‘exStatus’) : statusID]))

Note: For now, I only included the following status: PASSED and FAILED; Test execution ID is different from Issue Type ID.