Katalon + Heroku CI integration


I’m trying to integrate Heroku CI with Kalalon.

  1. According to Katalon Docs (CI/CD Integration Overview | Katalon Docs), Heroku CI is missing in the supporting CI environments. Need to know is it available for Heroku CI?
  2. If available, do we have a sample configuration for Heroku CI as it involves JSON architecture instead of YAML file.
  3. If not available, is there is any alternative way to integrate with Heroku CI

Hi @team, can you help us to confirm if there is a Heroku CI integration in the work or not? Thanks!

I am not sure what ‘integration with heroku CI’ means in this context.
Any decent CI should be able to run a docker image.
So, what are the actual needs for a dedicated plugin/feature from Katalon side?