Katalon Gradle plugin copies jar into /Drivers instead of Drivers

I’m using Katalon Gradle plugin to update dependencies. I just find out that in MacOS, Katalon copy all dependencies in folder /Drivers (child of root folder) instead of Drivers (child of current folder). In Windows, it works well.

I believe it is a bug.

You can read the source of Katalon Gradle plugin at

At the line 25, you can find:


This should be changed to


Once I noticed this problem when I tried Using AWS SDK in Katalon Studio, how to resolve external dependencies with Gradle
At that time, I made the /Drivers directory and let the plugin write jars into it. A temporary workaround.

And I forgot to raise an issue on it!

I needed to run gradle katalonCopyDependencies command only once, so I forgot about it.

@phuonglam @kazurayam I forgot to update that this issue had been fixed in recent releases.

I know you upgraded the Gradle Plugin to 0.0.7.

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