Katalon Docker - status of a failed test case not updated when it passed in a new test run


I have a question about how Katalon TestOps updates the status of failed test case. Below my scenario.

I have a TEST_SUITE1 with 2 test cases:

  • TestCase1
  • TestCase2

I run a first time the TEST_SUITE1 and I get failure for the 2 test cases.

  • TestCase1: failed
  • TestCase2: failed

In Katalon TestOps the number of test case is 2 and all are failing.
I link a Jira defect to the 2 failed test cases. In the Jira ticket I can see the 2 failed test cases

  • TestCase1: failed
  • TestCase2: failed

I fix the bug in the Jira defect. Then I rerun the TEST_SUITE1 a second time.
The 2 test case are passing now:

  • TestCase1: passed
  • TestCase2: passed

In Katalon TestOps the number of test case is 2 and all are green. Great so far.

But in the Jira defect the 2 test case I linked in the Run#1 are still red. I am expecting them green as they are passing in the Run#2 but it’s not.

In the Run#1, I have to mark the 2 failed test case as passed to be able to see them green in the Jira ticket.

Is it the normal behavior of Katalon TestOps? Because it’s the same test case from Katalon TestOps view.

Thanks for guidance

It looks ridiculous to me. You should not expect that you can write what happened in the past.

I think it is normal that you can not change the history.

Thanks for your feedback. I understand that we can’t change the past :slight_smile:

What I don’t understand is how Katalon manage to update the status of the test case after they passed in the Run#2. Because after the Run#2, Katalon reports that there are 2 test cases and they are passed.

So somehow the test case has been identified (I guess that the test case name is the identifier) and its status has been updated accordingly to the Run#2 result. If so, why the status of the test case is not updated automatically in the previous run if it’s passing in the latest run?

Maybe what I am talking doesn’t exist yet in Katalon. Maybe a future feature

Sorry, I do not know TestOps at all. Please ignore all my comments.