Katalon Automatic Recorder IE 11

We have an application that will only work with IE11 in compatibility mode. I would like to create automated scripts and be able to convert them into c#. I am currently testing Katalon Studio, I can see the scripts that are created but no option to export to c#. I also looked at Katalon Automatic Recorder but this only seems to be available for Firefox and Chrome.

Is it possible to record the IE 11 UI clicks under and then export the script to c# ? If not does nanyone have any thoughts on how this can be achieved?
Going forward I would like our testers to create the automated scripts then our developers would convert them to c# for streamlining.


Well, that’s a crying shame. You might ask the company what they plan to do when IE is finally deprecated and withdrawn from MS support. Yes, it will be. Maybe not “soon” but it will happen.

There have been many requests for C# support. I don’t know current status on that.

There is a testing application called Progress (formerly Telerik) Test Studio that supports IE and C#. But I must tell you, PTS is expensive, unreliable, takes control of the hardware of the machine (keyboard/mouse) such that NOTHING else can be done while tests/suites are running and crashes the entire system (BSODs) frequently. It is quite possibly the worst piece of software I have used (in 37 years). Seriously. :rage:

Going forward you should move away from gas-guzzling cars, fast-food, smoking and IE. :sunglasses:


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Thank you for your reply.:+1:

We are looking into moving away from old IE code versions and onto more modern browser technologies, but this won’t happen anytime soon as there is over a million lines of code! The fact is it all needs to be stripped and rewritten.
We do have HP ALM in the company but that comes with a hefty licence cost, so I am looking into free alternatives as we do need to start automated testing (and regression testing). Currently it’s all done manually and is very time consuming.

Next option for me is to look at Selenium integration with Visual Studio, that should be fun.

Please DO UNDERSTAND, Katalon is, in essence, Selenium - along with a whole bunch more libraries you can call upon to aid testing. For automation and regression testing of your end product - i.e.“deliverables” - it’s hard to beat Katalon, in my view.

Let your developers use whatever unit testing systems they prefer and for yourself, use Katalon to test workflows in your application (i.e. as users would).

FYI: I test a huge ASP.NET based application (written mostly in C# at the backend). I test the front end using Katalon, lots of JavaScript calls etc.

Do yourself a favor: Try Katalon for two weeks. Go directly to Script View and start coding tests. After two weeks, make your decision. Whatever choice you make (stick with Katalon, ditch it) you’ll at least know why you’re making that choice.

Good luck.

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