Katalon 7.6 to 8.0.0 - Katalon adds characters to the password field in IE11

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  1. I’m learning automated test with Katalon Studio

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  1. I cannot continue my job and have to work on something else while awaiting your response

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I have been having this issue drag on for a long time and i think i have been posting this issue every now and then but no helpful response so far.

When i run my Katalon login script for IE, i observed that the password field keeps getting abit longer than usual even after decrypting. it’s only recently that a colleague suggested me to try delaying the run a little longer, use the browser inspector, inspect elements and change the type=“password” into type=“text”.

I used “Set Encrypted Text” initially, for the purpose of debugging, I used the keyword “Set Text” and compared results. what I found out to be constant is that the extra characters, “D5pEbDv4QC”, kept getting appended before the text I commanded Katalon to put into the password field in IE11. when trying the same script with Google Chrome or Firefox, the extra characters were not being appended.

This is really frustrating, since it’s a login script which all my scripts rely on, and i can’t skip IE, our web app runs a printer configuration control which needs to be run on IE from time to time. Please skip the suggestion of updating the Webdrivers, because that’s what i’ve been doing for the past few versions each time the new version comes out and trying out my login script.

I have attached a screenshot, for more information about what’s going on; I just also masked out my project’s name etc. for confidentiality.

Thanks for your time.

Any updates on this devs?
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Hi @fluffywaffle,

We verify your website with the same scenario but we could not reproduce this issue. Please refer to our recorder video: teamwilberforce-IE-video.zip (996.5 KB)

Can you check with another machine or removing all IE addons then try running again?

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