JUnit Report gets overwritten in Jenkins

I’m using Katalon with Jenkins and JUnit test report in Jenkins.
My problem is that my TestSuiteCollection overwrites its own Testfiles. This is because 2 or 3 testsuites get started at once and get the same folder name (they start even in the same second). So the first test report gets overwritten and lost.

Is there any possibility to prevent a same directory or set different JUnit logfile names?

Thanks and greetings

It’s strange because Test Suite’s name can’t be duplicated. How do you setup your Test Suite Collection? Is it running in parallel mode?

I fixed it with an relative path instead of absolute path. With %WORKSPACE%/Reports Katalon didn’t even create the subfolders for suites. After switching to relative path (just Reports/) everything works

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Unfortunately it is a bug in Katalon when running in console mode.
see: http://forum.katalon.com/discussion/7051/why-lose-some-suite-report-when-execute-suite-collection-in-console-mode#latest

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