JavaScript to click element with class but no ID

What if my element (Search button) has only a class and no id ? How to deal with this ?

@youssef.boudhaouia I wasn’t happy resurrecting an old thread to answer this so I split to a new topic.

To answer your question directly…


However, there could be issues with that call. Unlike IDs, classes don’t have to be unique and frequently are not, so the selector ".my-class" might resolve to more than one element on the page. There are many ways to solve that, but to choose the best one, I need to see more of your HTML - take a screenshot in DevTools and show me the HTML code.

@youssef.boudhaouia You can also use an id of another element that is nearby using xpath attributes, like:

There are many instances of this on this forum as well as other sites.

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