Iterating rows through csv file - What am i missing url 1, url 2, url 3 ect. How to call to row number? loadvars and storeCsv

I’m working in Catalon Recorder 5.9. Screenshot is included. I have I believe to correctly put my storeCsv and loadvars endloadvars in. but it keeps saying " [info] Store undefined into myurl" so I’m thinking that when I’m asking open ${myurl} i am supposed to give it further instructions on iterating through the rows?

I read about all these forums i could find on this. that is how i got this far.

[info] Executing: | storeCsv | data.csv,0,myurl | myurl |

[info] Store undefined into myurl

[info] Executing: | loadVars | data.csv | |

[info] Executing: | open | ${myurl} | ${rowIndex} + 1 |

[info] Expand variable ‘${rowIndex} + 1’ into ‘${rowIndex} + 1’

[info] Expand variable ‘${myurl}’ into ‘${myurl}’

[info] Executing: | pause | 3000 | |

[info] Expand variable ‘3000’ into ‘3000’

[info] Executing: | captureEntirePageScreenshot | mf-display | |

I found other versions of iterating through rows like the following

${rowIndex} + 1

But i am lost. i would not know how to put that together.

I need help ressurecting my thing here. at this point i am just screenshoting each url that is in the spreadsheet.

As a note i do not have a header row in my csv but i do not care if it skips the first becasue it is not working at all. it is repeatedly opeing a google 404 page and screeen shotting it. so it is iterating. but it is not catching the new url value and going to that website.

I am uploading screenshots that show the executions are sequentially happeing and you can see url values in the variables but it is not going to that page. it is going to google 404 sites.

my is similar to ![Screenshot 2024-01-29 5.41.16 PM|690x388](upload://7Q81lMVXe6Flnbp3vN4tQZdhnK3.png) ![Screenshot 2024-01-29 5.41.50 PM|690x388](upload://2Oa5P4WVejHw0wQfaCBSGS7eEEU.png)

I have done this with and without row index. here is a screenshot of the urls

a sample of one is

The exact test case i have is

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I think your issue is similar to this: How can I run my test case on URL#1, then on URL#2, then on URL#3, and so on - #6 by Yeku. Can you give it a try? Thank you!