Issue with Pop Up

Hello Team,

We have an email sign up pop up that shows up on our website for the 1st time user lands up on our website. I can easily see that pop up when I launch the website with an empty cache manually ( so that website thinks I am a new user ) but every time I launch the same website through Script the pop up doesn’t show up.

I am not able to Understand what I am doing wrong here.

Below is my script which I created to close that pop up but it is failing waiting for that pop up to show up so that it closes it.




/* Navigation to the Homepage */

if (GlobalVariable.isPasswordProtected) {


WebUI.setText(findTestObject('Admin_Login_Page/Password_Field'), GlobalVariable.Pass)'Admin_Login_Page/Enter_Button'))




if (GlobalVariable.isUSSite) {'1_Landing_Home_Page/Country_Selection/CountryConfirmation_Ill stay here'))