Issue executing Katalon scripts in IE and Firefox

I’m not able to execute test scripts in IE and firefox, where the same is executing perfectly in chrome. Can anyone please suggest what to do as it is of high priority. I’m using the latest version of Katalon 6.1.5.

Make sure to do this to configure IE.. For Firefox, I can’t run test with it either.

@Nilau I’m able to do it in IE. Do you know why it’s not working for firefox?

I feel like the webdriver is doing something wrong. I can execute same test on Chrome, IE and Firefox but Firefox doesn’t work. I can record a test with the Web Recorder on Firefox but executing it doesn’t work. Seems like Firefox is broken.

I’m not able to even record in firefox. It is not opening the URL while launching firefox when recording.

It does that sometimes on Chrome too. Try going to the Url manually and start recording from there.

I tried manually… but i’m not able to record the steps. In chrome it isn’t the same. I’m able to record the steps.

@Nilau Issue got resolved. There is 32bit firefox installed in my PC and I’m using katalon 64bit. Now i reinstalled 64bit and my testcases are working fine. Thanks for responsing :slight_smile:

But TCs get executed with chrome which is also of 32 bit…

@parul.dang Chrome driver is same for both 32 bit and 64 bit. It’s not same for FF. Please refer here.

@manikumar.pulipati Thanks for sharing the information but I cannot download firefox 64 bit at office system and have also tried downloading gecko driver 64 bit and pasting it in the katalon configuration, still my scripts are not working in firefox… The browser gets open but the specified is not getting navigated to … It only opens our organization’s intranet homepage… One more thing, I know there is orange colored bar in firefox, I don’t even get that…

@parul.dang If you download katalon 64 bit, it by default gets gecko driver 64 bit. No need to download it and put it in Katalon configurations. So try to get FF 64 bit if you are using gecko driver 64 bit.
I faced the same issue i.e. it opens FF and doesn’t navigate to URL specified. It got resolved when I made gecko driver and FF of same bits.