Is there any way to share data between steps in Katalon?

Hi I am trying to share information between steps, but I am not sure if it is possible, that’s mean something like a ScenarioContext which currently c$ has, so far I was not able to find any kind of documentation about it, Please, Could you help me with that? thanks a lot

you can use GlobalVariable. Test Case 1 writes something in, and Test Case2 read … GlobalVariable is scoped in a Test Suite.

If you want to share data across 2 or more Test Suites, then you need to write data into a file. You can use any format of file: *.txt, *.json, *.properties, *.csv and *.xlsx. The following post of mine explains how I used Excel to share data accoss Test Suites. This custom keywords works for the most of versions of KS.

Excel Keywords plugin is available for v6.1.5 or higher.

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Thanks so much