Is there a way to pass global variable in the URL for SOAP object which is been created

Hi All,

I have created a SOAP object and passing the URL as http://dnvtxsrt01:30010/productDomain-wls/

Now in this URL we want to keep the dnvtxsrt01:30010 as global variable because this value gets changes as per the profile which we are selecting.

Can someone please let me know is there a way where we can pass global variable in this.


assuming you will use a parameter like ${yourParam}, when you call the test object do:

findTestObject('myTestObject', [('yourParam') : GlobalVariables.yourGlobalVar]))

so the parameter used will be substituted with the value stored in the profile

Or using the GUI only, in the test object > Variables tab, add one with the name you used to parametrize the call and assign it GlobalVariable type with the value of your desired variable

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HI Ibus,

Thanks for the response. The solution is working perfectly.

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