Is there a way to clean a Katalon workspace to fix debugging issues?

I’m not sure if workspace is the right terminology but I am using Katalon and have 2 irritating issues debugging. I suspect they are related…

  1. Old breakpoints that have been cleared are being hit quite often (I’ve cleared some more recently and they are properly cleared so I wondor if there is a point in time where some were not emptied out properly)

  2. One test case/script that gets called by a test suite is showing a different script when being debugged. This is very odd as it is actually running the right script in code but is showing a different one and stopping at unrelated break points.

Is there a way to clean Katalon degug config out in some way?

Has anyone else experienced this ?

Hi @benkdishman,

  • You can delete a breakpoint by switch to Debug workspace.
    At the top-right panel, select Breakpoints view. All of your breakpoints will be listed here.
    Select a breakpoint then press delete.

  • You also can quickly delete all breakpoint by clicking on Debug → Remove All Breakpoints

Thanks this did help with the debugging although didn’t explain why the breakpoints are still there!

Having very odd problems with 2 scripts being mixed up in config somewhere though. They run properly but script 2 is displayed when debugging script 1 and when I did a global/project search clicking to go to items found in script 1 opens script 2 !

Luckily not many errors in that script so it’s not too much o a problem for me but would like to sort it out if possible!

That helps with the breakpoint issues only but how about the old “Eclipse->Project->Clean” ?
I’m talking about logs and temporary files/folders… is there such an option hidden somewhere ?

Look in the file menu.

If that doesn’t suffice, delete these.


Logs? I’m not sure (also not sure I’d want to lose the history).

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Thanks that will help.